Sitecore – Source Query with respect to language

When creating templates in Sitecore, you can allows to target specific items to be selected by content authors. In order to achieve this, Sitecore Datasource are used. Most of the time, datasources are mainly use with a Multi-List field, DropList field, DropLink field. The list goes on and on. The datasource also allows to have a query which you can easily setup. However, out of the box Sitecore, you cannot have a query which allows you to filter the list of items based on the language.

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[PART I] Sitecore Rule Engine – Introduction

Sitecore Rule Engine is powerful as it allows you to decouple business logics from the code. This post is one of the list of articles that I will be writing up about the Rule Engine. Based on different projects I have been working, questions from SSE or Sitecore Slack Channel, I will try to go a bit more in depth and talking about the Rule Engine.

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