Sitecore Powershell Extract Profile Cards

Recently, I had a request from the client to provide him with the list of profile cards that were used to tag contents. Again Sitecore Powershell is here to rescue. I sat and it took me around 15 minutes to write up and test the script. In this small article, I will share the script I have written and also, how you can customize it for your own requirement.

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Sitecore Powershell Dynamic UI

Sitecore powershell has changed my day to day work. Changing datasource, extracting data or creates items in Sitecore using SPE can be performed in seconds by just writing up the scripts and run it. I had a requirement whereby I need to dynamically show the user a UI which is rendered dynamically based on his input.

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Sitecore – Measure Personalization Performance

Has anyone ever wanted to know whether the implementation of a personalization section is working properly? Nowadays, everyone has a personalized profile. By that, I mean, if you go on Netflix or Amazon, every user has their own profile with personalized content. Example, if I recently bought or view products about Music, Amazon will recommend me to check other products which are meant for music.

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