Sitecore Publish Process

Sitecore publishing is a method whereby items are copied from a source to a target database.

In Sitecore, there are two types of publishing:

  1. Publish Item
  2. Publish Site

Publish Item

When using this option, Sitecore does not update the timestamp in the Properties table from the Master database. Also, note that there are only 2 options available for publish item: Smart Publish and Republish.

This is because Incremental Publish does not have a root item as parameter while Smart and Republish does. Also, even if an item is published incrementally, it will be republished again when using the Publish Site option.

Publish Site

This option updates the timestamp in the Properties Table from the Master Database.

The reason why the Publish Site option updates the timestamp is because when using the publish item option, other items may have been modified, added or deleted. Those items would not be published if the timestamp was to be updated.

Using the Publish Site, timestamps are updated since all items will be published. The timestamp is very important since this prevents all items to be published again if the Incremental or Smart publish is used.


Publishing Mode

Incremental Publish – Publish all items that have their timestamps greater than the last published date.

Smart Publish – Publish items by comparing source and target database.

Republish – publish all items without any comparison.


Publish Site Process

Sitecore will query the Properties Table from the Master Database to retrieve the last publish date and the target database. Base on the timestamp retrieved, all the items from the PublishQueue table, which have their date greater or equal to the last published timestamp, are published.

You can go to the History table in the Master database to see the different items that have been modified, added or deleted.

Publishing ProcessTo conclude:

  1. You should not truncate the Properties Table.
  2. Incremental publish is the fastest way to publish items.
  3. Use the Publish Site option often so that the timestamps are updated.

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