Sitecore Installation Setup and Common Issues

While surfing on the Sitecore Community website, I came across a question that was raised concerning the time taken for Sitecore Installation.

Normally, Sitecore takes around 5 to 10 mins to install its application along with the Master, Web and Core databases. Note that custom configurations should be performed after the installation and the time taken depends on the complexity of the configurations required.

The most common configurations required are as follows:

  1. IIS Bindings. (~2 mins)
  2. Add the required IP in the Host File. (~1 min)
  3. Add your bindings and site attributes in the SiteDefinition.config. (~3 min)


Common Issues

When installing Sitecore on local instances, there are common issues that may occur. Below is the different issues I have been encountering when re-installing my Sitecore Instance.

Issue 1:

Unable to install new local instance of Sitecore due to “Sitecore instance XXXXXX already exists


Manually uninstall the instance using the three steps below would normally not resolve the issue but should be done as a preliminary step. Then continue to step 2(a).

  • Delete the IIS website instance in the IIS Manager
  • Delete the databases used by the instance
  • Delete the root installation folder in the file system


Issue 2:

The name you entered is not unique


To fix the issue, delete the registry key containing the information about the previously installed instance under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Sitecore CMS. You may have more that one folder under the Sitecore CMS, just click on each folder until you have the instance you need to remove. Checking the right column will provide you information about the Key.

Issue 3:

Failed to execute SQL string, error detail: Unable to open the physical file {path to SQL files}


To fix this issue delete the instance folder under C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Temp\

After completing all the above steps, launch Sitecore EXE installation again and you should be able to install Sitecore successfully for MultiBrand.


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