Add Sitecore Caching Programmatically

Caching is a very important feature for a site to have a good performance. Sitecore has several caches that can be set when adding sublayouts or renderings via the presentation details. A developer will normally set the caching on the standard items which will be automatically be set when content authors creates the items.

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Sitecore: Test Local Instance on Mobile

All projects need to go through the development phase.When designing a website, one should make sure that the site is being rendered on a mobile phone properly. Many developers make use of the browser mobile agent plugins to see how the site will look like on a mobile. However, last time while debugging a code for mobile on a Sitecore Local Instance, I have seen that the layout being loaded is the desktop one and not the mobile one. This was on a local instance but the agent was working properly on our UAT server.

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