Sitecore xDB vs Google Analytics


What to choose? Sitecore xDB or Google Analytics? During this post, I will explain to you the difference between Sitecore xDB and Google Analytics.

Google Analytics (GA)

GA, as its name suggest, is a tool which is mainly for analytic. If you configure your GA account properly, you may easily retrieve very useful data from it. Moreover, based on the configuration you set, you can show the number of pages going to the 500 or 404 Error page. This becomes very useful when there is currently a campaign on going. However, in order to properly use all the functionality of the GA, there is a price for it.

Sitecore xDB

The Sitecore xDB, previously known as DMS, is a great module. It allows you to create different types of Goals and assign them to campaigns or items. With this feature, you may easily know the user interaction and experience. It also allows you to know the population expectation.

Once you installed Sitecore, you already have the xDB installed. You only need to setup the MongoDB which is free (Open Source).

So, what to choose?

Both tools allows you to achieve different objectives. From my point of view, using both the Sitecore xDB and the Google Analytics may help you to see different aspects. For example, making use of the Sitecore xDB to see the user interaction and the Google Analytics for number of 404/500 Error page. But this depends on the budget allocated to the project.

But making use of the basic features of the Google Analytics and extending the power of the Sitecore xDB, you can really capture useful data which will help you to improve your site and also know how to perform your marketing.


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