Sitecore with SCORE

I have been given the chance to work on a new project which makes use of the SCORE Framework. The SCORE Framework has been designed and implemented by BrainJocks. During this post, I will provide a more in-depth overview of the SCORE Framework. I have also undergo a 3 days training with the BrainJocks guys in which I have learned how to use the SCORE Framework.


What is SCORE?

SCORE helps in extending the Sitecore Experience Editor to another level. It allows content authors to build sites much faster by making use of the different components present in the SCORE Framework.

Using the analogy of atom and molecules, this is how SCORE  has been implemented. A combination of atoms creates a molecule. So, combining different components together leads to the creation of the page.


Moreover, SCORE allows you to create snippets. Snippets is a combination of different components which can be reused in different pages. For example, you need to build a header which is the same on all pages. By creating a single snippet for the header, you can easily reuse the same snippet on all the pages. There is the cascade option which when selected, all the sub pages inherits the snippet or components.

SCORE Component UI are unique and you can easily identify them when you are using the Sitecore Experience Editor. With SCORE, your content authors do not need to go to the Content Tree. The Experience Editor is enough for them to build up the site.


With SCORE Scaffolding, you can easily setup your site. By making use of powershell, you only need to run the powershell script which will ask you some values. Once the values are obtained the scaffolding starts. It will automatically creates the site with the corresponding values that were provided and also, the structure of the content tree will already be available once the scaffolding is completed.

Component Communication Framework

One of the greatest feature of SCORE is the Component Communication Framework alias CCF. It allows for different components to communicate among them as shown below:


In order to make the button to show the modal, CCF is used in SCORE. Although this can be achieved easily using code, with SCORE, since development is minimized considerably and with the CCF functionality present, there is no need for developing this feature. Basically, CCF makes use of JavaScript. By understanding and configuring the CCF accordingly, you will be able to do more than just opening / closing a modal.

SCORE Framework is really a great product and changes the way in which content authors build sites on Sitecore. Furthermore, the framework is being improved everyday. However, it is not free. You also need to be trained by the BrainJocks guys on how to use the SCORE Framework.



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