Sitecore Publish Batch

Sitecore publishing is the action of transferring items from a Source to a Target database. There are different types of publishing:

  • Incremental Publish
  • Smart Publish
  • Republish
  • Publish Item

You may also have an Auto Publish Agent to transfer your items from one database to another. During this post, I will explain the module I have implemented to perform batch publishing.

Let us take the following tree structure:


Supposed you need to publish only the Content Repo for both Site One and Site Two. This is very easy and can be done manually as there are only 2 Content Repo. But what will happen if you have multiple sites and you need to publish of the content repos. Still, manual publish can be performed however, it will take time and require manual intervention to trigger each publish.

Publishing Batch


The module that I have developed enables you to insert the path with placeholders, then triggers the publish. See here how to make it works:

Add the path of the item to be published. Example of paths are as follows:

  1. sitecore/content/Site One/Content Repo
  2. sitecore/content/[Sitename]/Content Repo
  3. sitecore/content/[Sitename]/[ContentRepoName]

Double click on the entry to set the language to be published, the destination databases and values it should takes to replace the placeholders ([Sitename], [ContentRepoName])


The values of the From and To should be as followed:

Path: sitecore/content/[Sitename]/Content Repo

From: [Sitename]

To: Site One|Site Two

Path: sitecore/content/[Sitename]/[ContentRepoName]

From: [Sitename]

To: Site One|Site Two

Click the Add Placeholder found at the top of the window, then

From: [ContentRepoName]

To: Content Repo

Click on the OK button to save the values then clicked on the Save button under the Publishing Task Collection tab. Once this is done, just click on the Execute Button to trigger the publishing. You will have a list below to see the current progression of the publishing.

Note that you may see other publishing since the list is populated with all publishing jobs currently being executed.

Other Features

Apart from the publishing feature, the module enables you save and load a project. Based on this, you can easily save different projects that you think you may use often and use it at any time you require it.

Sitecore MarketPlace Link: Publishing Batch


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