Sitecore Custom Rendering Datasource

Sitecore Datasource is widely used across all projects. It helps in specifying what is the value a Sitecore Field can take or list of values from which the user will select from. For example, a Sitecore MultiList should have a datasource specified in the template so that the list of items can be available upon creation of the item. You can also specify a datasource in the rendering parameters window when adding a sublayout.

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Sitecore Agents Summary

Last week, I had been given the task to check all the different agents that have been implemented if they are active or not. It was like performing a sort of audit. This is a very easy job to be done. In order to be able to see if the agents are activated, I would need to go to the showconfig page which is already in built when installing the Sitecore Instance.

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