Sitecore Publishing Service Deactivation

Sitecore Publishing Service (SPS) is a great module designed by Sitecore. The SPS module provides an enormous gain in publishing performance. Large number of items including media items can be published in less than 10 mins. You may read my previous post on the installation of the Publishing Service 1.0 here.

However, during this post, I will explain to you how to deactivate the SPS module and revert back to the traditional publishing mechanism. I am not saying that you need to deactivate it but just in case, for some reasons, you need to deactivate it. So, let’s begin.

First of all, login to the Sitecore Back Office and change the database from master to core.


Once you are on the core database, open the content editor and navigate to the following path.


Expand the Applications item and you need to see an item called Publish. You need to rename the item. I have renamed mine PublishDisabled.

Now, you need to disable the configuration files of the SPS module. Go to the system directory and navigate to the Include folder.


In the Include folder, search for the configuration files (if presents)

  1. Sitecore.Publishing.Service.config
  2. Sitecore.Publishing.Service.Delivery.config

All you need to do is to disable the config files. Example,

  • Sitecore.Publishing.Service.config renamed to Sitecore.Publishing.Service.config.disabled
  • Sitecore.Publishing.Service.Delivery.config to Sitecore.Publishing.Service.Delivery.config.disabled

Note that the Sitecore.Publishing.Service.Delivery.config may not be available on some of your servers. It depends on how you setup the SPS module.

The deactivation is completed. If you click on the publish button, you will see the previous and traditional Sitecore v8.x publishing dialog appear.

Thanks to Michael West for his help 🙂


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