Sitecore – Recommendation API With Profile Cards

Following my article on Sitecore with Personalization At Scale, I am writing this one today to give more insight about how to use Microsoft Cognitive Services – Recommendation API with Sitecore Profile Cards. I’ll be explaining how to use the result from the Recommendation API and to tag content. What I want to achieve with Sitecore and Recommendation API is to show anonymous users contents which will drive more registration and once registered on the site, to show users contents to perform buy it now or post review actions.

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Sitecore – Should This Item Be Indexed?

The title of this article is self described. There are some cases where you want to index some items but not all of them. Within the Sitecore Index Configuration file, you normally create a crawler with the database property and the root. The root is the path where you want to the item and its descendants to be indexed.

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