Sitecore Modules

I have implemented several modules which are already available on the Sitecore Marketplace.

Version Remover

When selecting an item, the different versions that are present on the item is displayed along with check-boxes. From this, the user is able to select which version to remove. Moreover, include sub-item is also possible. When the versions are being removed, as a precaution, the removed versions go to the recycle bin.

Link: Version Remover

Publishing Summary

This tool helps in determine the number of items to be processed by an Incremental Publish. Moreover, information about the number of items being created, updated, skipped and deleted is also provided. The list of items that has been created and updated is also displayed. This tool is very useful in the sense that we do not know the total number of items that are to be processed during Incremental Publish since there is no root item. For more info, please visit my blog post concerning the Sitecore Publishing Process:

Link: Publishing Summary

Sitecore Batch Publishing

This tool has been implemented to facilitate the use of publishing different items. It allows the use of placeholders that can be replaced with values provided when publishing is on going. For example, you have to publish 3 sites. With this tool, you just specify the path, /sitecore/content/Site/[sites] and then you specify the values it should take as follows: site1|site2|site3. Moreover, you can save the projects and load them when required.

Note: You need to create a folder named PublishPackages in the Data\packages folder so that all the saved projects are stored there.

Link: Sitecore Batch Publishing

Sitecore Run Agent

The use of this tool is to enable the user to run an agent without needing to wait for the agent to trigger. This tool was initially mentioned and explained by John West. More info:

Link: Sitecore Run Agent

Sitecore LinqScratchPad Extender

With this tool, you can easily insert your own assemblies and execute the code. For more information, please visit my blog post

Path to access the module is [domain]/sitecore/admin/linqscratchpadextender.aspx

Link: Sitecore LinqScratchPad Extender

Sitecore Package Modifier

This tool helps in transferring item from one Database to another. For example, if your items are found on the Web DB and it is not on the Master DB, you can use this tool to convert your package from Web to Master.

For more information about

Sitecore Item Transfer, please read my post on

How to use the tool

Sitecore Agent Summary

This is an aspx page which is accessed as follows: [domain]/sitecore/admin/agentsummary.aspx

It will allow you to check all your agents if they are active or not and also the time interval the agents run.

GitHub Link for Source Code: