Following my previous articles on Sitecore JSS, especially the Sitecore JSS with SXA, I thought that I could easily setup a single JSS app to serve multiple sites. Even though it is possible with SXA to change the app setting for the JSS Sites and point them to a single JSS Application, I found out there is a significant limitation when using GraphQL. In today’s article, I will explain what is the… Read More

It’s worth calling out that for a modern Static Site Generator (SSG), you actually get html, data (json) and JavaScript generated, so when the application runs in the browser, none of the dynamic features are lost thanks to React rehydration. You can pull runtime data from other APIs, like search, commerce, etc. Think of a static site generator as a script which takes in data, content and templates, processes them, and outputs a folder… Read More

It has been a while now since I have posted my last article. I’ve been on a long and deserve holiday and also been very busy with a project whereby 99 sites had to be implemented and launched within 5 months. Now, I’m back and I would like to share with you all how you can extend the integrated GraphQL to add additional parameters.

Following a very hectic week, I have been experiencing performance issues on my JSS App. The first byte of my site was around 2 to 3 seconds which is not acceptable. I’ve executed a performance profiler from Visual Studio and identified some expensive Sitecore queries. Even though the queries have been optimized, the first byte was still high. Then, I’ve checked the Sitecore Component Caching. I could see the custom cache that… Read More

Following my migration from a pure JSS App to the new SXA JSS, I have been working on setting up the site on the new SXA principles such as the Partial and Page designs. You can read my previous post on how I managed to migrate a JSS App to the SXA JSS. When most pages on the site I am working on has been completed, I’ve deployed all the changes to… Read More

I’ve been working on a Sitecore JSS project during the past few weeks now and I had to say, shifting from the traditional implementation of Sitecore sites to JSS was quite hectic. This is because of the technologies that the Sitecore JSS make use of. The current project is based on ReactJs. So, I had to get accustom to the ReactJs first, then move to the GraphQL part. Once I had a… Read More

In the past few weeks, I have been working on a new Sitecore project and the main technology stack being used is the Sitecore JavaScript Services a.k.a Sitecore JSS. I will write another post to outline my journey on Sitecore JSS in the coming days but for today, I want to put focus on the creation of a breadcrumb on Sitecore JSS.